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Is My Dancer Ready for Pointe?

This is such a big and important question. It is one of hardest questions ballet teachers face. We don’t want to put them on pointe too early because they can really injure themselves. Ideally, the basis of going en pointe is the ability to solidly perform all the techniques in demi-pointé before proceeding to full pointe.
by 3-D Dance
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How are Recital Costumes Chosen?

Recital costumes …. they conjure up fanciful images of bright-colored tutus, sparkly fabric, bold accessories, and of course, LOTS of sequins! Have you ever wondered how we decide which costumes will be worn by which classes, and with which music and choreography? Here’s a little peek at how that process works!
by Suzy Simpson
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3-D Dance is Award Winning for More than Just Dancing!

At 3-D Dance, we don't place a disproportionate amount of focus on our students winning, but rather we teach them to always be their personal best, while working hard to provide quality programs and customer service to our families. We are thankful that our wonderful dance families have helped us earn several awards that we are honored to receive.
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Why Don’t we Display our Trophies at 3-D Dance?

You may have noticed that the 3-D Dance lobby looks a bit different from other dance studios, since we do not have many competition trophies on display. It’s not that we don’t win trophies, or that we aren’t proud of our dancers for earning them - we certainly are! It’s that we want to emphasize our value in the whole dancer—not just the accomplishments of competition day.
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3-D Dance Enrichment Resources

Too much screen time? We've been busy recording videos that get everyone moving! Younger dancers will find some of their class favorites and older dancers will be able to learn some fun new choreography.
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Recital: What’s the point in all of this?

Sequins and glitter and bows - OH MY! “What is the point of all of this Recital fuss?” Recital is like the “graduation ceremony” of the year where the combination of weekly dance technique, focused performance skills and hard work is celebrated on the big stage. It is not a "come and go" occasion, but rather a show where each dancer can celebrate their own contribution to the full production. We intend for recital to be a special day for families and dancers to take pride in how far their child has grown, and create special memories that they will look back on fondly in future years
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What is Tumbling vs. Acro?

3-D Dance implements the Acrobatic Arts Curriculum into all of our tumbling and acro classes, but what is the difference between tumbling class and acro class?
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Top Ten Ways Students Benefit at 3-D Dance

Annually, since 2016, we survey hundreds of families with dancers who are active in our 3-D Dance program with an anonymous parent satisfaction survey. The results are quite interesting! Respondents have the option to select as many choices as they believe were applicable to their child. 100% of parents highlight multiple benefits that their child received as a result of participation in 3-D Dance programs.
by 3-D Dance
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Why Does YPAD Matter?

As the first YPAD Certified Dance Studio in Texas, 3-D Dance strives to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and accountability by implementing safe boundaries and healthy artistry within our dance studio culture.
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