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Why does 3-D Dance require specific class attire?

In order to create a distraction free and safe dance class environment at 3-D Dance, all attire must be appropriate for the class, and each dancer should have the correct dance shoes. Hair should be pulled back and secured out of the face before class begins. Dancers should remove all jewelry before class (ear studs are okay.) We've kept our dress code simple and inexpensive for parents and you can access the studio class attire requirements HERE.
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A Heartfelt Thank You on our 11th Annual Dance Recital

First and foremost, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your incredible support during this time. The outpouring of support for small businesses in general, and the support for the two of us as your studio owners is overwhelmingly appreciated as we navigate recent challenges and circumstances. Like many of you, we found ourselves weighted with incredibly increased responsibility during a period of uncertainty and rapid change. As we worked to navigate a huge pivot in the way we serve our studio families, absorb the weight of our responsibility to our dedicated employees, and navigate the changes in daily life for our own individual households with seven children of varied ages and needs, your tremendous support and adaptability has been overwhelming and is absolutely appreciated beyond words.
by Suzy Simpson
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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do you start dance and tumbling classes? How much do your dance and tumbling classes cost? Do you offer sibling discounts? Do you offer sibling discounts? What credentials do your instructors have? What measures do you take to keep my child safe?
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