June 7, 2020

Dear 3-D Dance Parents,

First and foremost, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your incredible support during this time. The outpouring of support for small businesses in general, and the support for the two of us as your studio owners is overwhelmingly appreciated as we navigate recent challenges and circumstances.  Like many of you, we found ourselves weighted with incredibly increased responsibility during a period of uncertainty and rapid change. As we worked to navigate a huge pivot in the way we serve our studio families, absorb the weight of our responsibility to our dedicated employees, and navigate the changes in daily life for our own individual households with seven children of varied ages and needs, your tremendous support and adaptability has been overwhelming and is absolutely appreciated beyond words.

Our dance families have demonstrated that you trust our efforts to adapt to changing circumstances as we always strive to provide value for our students, and that you trust our ability to ensure that we emerge from the sudden disruption able to resume our traditional programs on the other side. We appreciate that our dance families have demonstrated their trust in our integrity to deliver a high quality experience and communicate the details of our plans as circumstances allowed us to do so.

Now we find ourselves at the end of a dance year filled with unprecedented challenges and we can proudly say we have finished strong. We know that during a time when so much looks different to our children, and abrupt changes can be unsettling, disappointing and confusing to them, the adults in their lives still have the ability to navigate the narrative for them and provide consistency and reassurance in other ways. Our students and families will reflect on this period of time with a sense of incredible pride and accomplishment rather than a sense of loss. Partnering with parents is at the core of what we strive for as leaders at 3-D Dance and these are not just empty words. They are at the center of all leadership decisions, programs, events and staffing.

Words can not do justice to the appreciation we have for our studio community, and the support that you have shown to the two of us, our amazing staff and to one another.  We are always appreciative of the positivity and grace that is abundant and overflowing within the 3-D Dance Family.

With Heartfelt Thanks,

Michelle Finch and Suzy Simpson, 3-D Dance Founders