Summer Camps 2024

Dive into a summer of adventure at our 2024 Summer Camps! Each day brings a new adventure with specially crafted themes, ensuring your child experiences the magic of creativity. 🎭 Guided by professional dance educators, safety is our top priority, providing you peace of mind as your child explores, learns, and grows!
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Technical Dance skills taught through dance concepts

Technical Dance Concepts Explained

Our teaching goal is to ensure our students know their technical dance terminology, however, we also want to ensure our students understand that there are underlying concepts that we can and should apply to each skill. We layer fundamental dance concepts into our dance terminology.
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fun faves

Fun Favorites

Sometimes you just need more sparkle and accessories in your life. This is our list of fun favorites for dancers.
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If you’ve earned your pointe shoes, this list is for you!

Dancers should NEVER purchase pointe shoes online. Dancers should be evaluated for pointe shoe readiness by their 3-D Dance ballet instructor and professionally fitted for each pair of pointe shoes. When a dancers finds the "perfect pair" of pointe shoes, chances are, by the time they need a new pair, their growing foot has changed and the dancer will require an entirely different shoe.
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Ballet Dance for Kids

Pointe Evaluation Information for Parents

Please know that placing students en pointe is something that we take very seriously, for the protection of your dancer and their development. Below are the resources for parents of students who are preparing for their pointe shoe evaluation at 3-D Dance. The basis of earning pointe shoes is the ability to solidly perform all the techniques in demi-pointé before proceeding to full pointe.
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