Because of dance, kids can use their energy for good! Dancing is a highly physical activity, and kids who take dance lessons regularly can expect to notice a significant improvement in their overall physical health. Dancing can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina, improve muscle tone, correct posture, increase balance and coordination, and improve overall cardiovascular health. Dancing is an effective form of exercise that feels like fun for kids!

Because of dance, they have positive role models! It is a privilege to be entrusted with the education of another. We are not just teaching dance, we are teaching values and reinforcing them every time we make a choice about music, movement, costuming, and more. It matters what we expose young people to, and what we cultivate in them. Our priority is to protect the ideas and influences that impact our children from all adults that they interact with. When children begin to enter into their own activities away from parents, other adults may present ideas, judgements or lifestyles that conflict with a family’s culture or values, and it can be confusing and unsettling to a young child.  Partnering with parents to create an environment that is safe, encouraging and that fosters interaction with professionally trained instructors who are trained in both emotional and physical safety of their students is a priority at 3-D Dance

Because of dance, friendships blossom! Forming healthy, meaningful relationships with peers is a foundational necessity in children’s development and success. Our programs teach dancers to appreciate others regardless of their differences, while facilitating meaningful, others-focused relationships.

Because of dance, they can excel in their education! In our programs at 3-D Dance, dancers “learn to learn.” Important brain connections that are best formed through gross motor skills and musicality are established in our students from a young age. Through dance, the brain forms age appropriate learning pathways that establish the framework for future learning success. As the child grows, the focus shifts to self-evaluation as instructors as questions like “How did you feel about that performance?” or “What steps do you think you need to take to reach that goal”.  Partnering with parents to create an experience that promotes individual growth for the whole child is our focus at 3-D Dance, and we would love to be a part of your child’s learning experience through a performing arts education. 

Because of dance, families grow stronger! At 3-D Dance, our programs are built on the concept of balance. Our students learn to balance school, dance and family effectively, and our dance parents appreciate the ability maintain a healthy balance between multiple priorities. As parents find it harder and harder to carve out important family time while allowing their children to pursue their passions through extra-curricular activities, 3-D Dance remains committed to providing a quality dance education that provides the balance that children need between work and play.  Communication of all important dates and events in advance of the dance year allows parents to plan their family calendars and balance commitments.  The studio culture facilitates finding like-minded families to journey with as children learn and grow together. 

Because of dance, their smile will radiate! Seeing your child smile with joy is the pinnacle of what every parent wants for their child. Dancing provides a positive, joyful outlet of self expression!

Because of dance, confidence soars! Preparing a child for success as an adult can be a daunting task since the sum of life experiences as a child is critical to future endeavors when a child leaves home.  At 3-D Dance, we believe that having a growth mindset and developing the critical skill of self-evaluation are the fundamental areas of development that influence future success. Through dance, a child learns to first accept correction from their instructors as a natural and positive experience and apply those corrections to dance technique. The result? Confidence and joy in a child who knows they can trust the adults in her life to guide her with her best future in mind.

Because of dance, creativity is nurtured! Artistic expression can be limited to popular culture if we don’t offer and encourage healthy, creative alternatives. Through the language of dance, our programs give the next generation the constructive tools for healthy artistic exploration and creative expression that they deserve.

Because of dance, they can accomplish anything! Dancers at 3-D Dance learn the value in setting both short term and long term goals. Teachers reinforce the growth mindset concept that certain skills may not have been attained, YET, but that hard work and preparation is the key to confidently conquering new challenges.

Invest in their future now. No matter what path they takes in the future, she’ll have the tools she needs for success! Critical thinking skills. Coachable outlook, take care of my body, character and integrity building.