If You Give a Girl a Tutu

*Original Author Unknown* If you give a girl a tutu, she will want ballet shoes to go with it. You’ll buy her the best leotard you can find, and then she will
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What We’re Learning in November

https://youtu.be/rCqtvC7exsY October was such a fun and busy month! We're looking forward to continuing the fun in November and can't wait for our Winter Showcase in December! Each month our dancers will
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What We’re Learning in October

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC7bfvZTS9w We learned so much in August and September and will continue to build on our skills in the month of October! Each month our dancers will focus on a Dance
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What We Are Learning in August!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNgj0NLa-xU&t=2s Each month our dancers will focus on a Dance Concept/Acrobatic Arts Focus and a Bloom Curriculum “I Statement”. Dance concepts are critical to dance education as they are the foundation
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Using Props in the Classroom

There are three key elements that make our preschool dance program at 3-D Dance so successful:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1. A developmentally appropriate curriculum with the needs of the developing child at the forefront
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Concepts of Brain Dance®

Brain Dance® is a movement structure based on developmental patterns that children are programmed to move through their developmental years. It consists of 8 movement patterns: Breath, Tactile, Core-Distal, Head-Tail,
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dancers at the barre in an audition

How to Prepare for Auditions

Everything in life is an audition! First impressions, everyday interactions, networking, applications, interviews, even dating is like an audition. When you have a job, you audition every day to keep it. You must continue adding value to your team. Dancers are required to audition at all levels of training from studio performance groups, to local/community theater, to school teams and productions, and professional jobs.
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Hot air balloons representing the places you can go in dance

Oh the Places You’ll Go… in the Wonderful World of Dance!

Before age 10, many dancers recognize that they love dance and will tell you they want to going to grow up to be “a dancer.” Between ages 12-14, many kids become aware that they may not grow up to be a professional dancer, but they do love dance and have a passion for it. It’s important to get these dancers into the mind set that they can turn their love of dance into a variety of future opportunities, and continue their dance training with a future goal in mind.
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dance class on stage

Performance Packages and Ticketing Costs Explained

Each semester, we look forward to seeing all of the hard work our staff and students have put into our Winter Showcase and Annual Recital on the Braswell High School Theater stage!! Our goal is to have the showcase be an enjoyable, exciting family event that teaches our students the importance of preparation, focus, teamwork and commitment. We also work very hard in securing a venue that offers a convenient time and location. Since performance venues are extremely difficult to reserve, dance studios often must hold recitals on weeknights, in many cases in a location which conflicts with school and work, and also makes it difficult for family and friends to attend. While weekend bookings do cost more than a Monday afternoon, for example, and require securing dates a year in advance, it is a priority that the recital also be convenient for our families.
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