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Is My Dancer Ready for Pointe?

This is such a big and important question. It is one of hardest questions ballet teachers face. We don’t want to put them on pointe too early because they can really injure themselves. Ideally, the basis of going en pointe is the ability to solidly perform all the techniques in demi-pointé before proceeding to full pointe.
by Suzy Simpson
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Why Don’t we Display our Trophies at 3-D Dance?

You may have noticed that the 3-D Dance lobby looks a bit different from other dance studios, since we do not have many competition trophies on display. It’s not that we don’t win trophies, or that we aren’t proud of our dancers for earning them - we certainly are! It’s that we want to emphasize our value in the whole dancer—not just the accomplishments of competition day.
by Suzy Simpson