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Exclusive Events for Enrolled Students

These events are exclusively for currently enrolled 3-D Dance students. Students who enroll in June and July 2024 receive a $200 event credit to use on any of the 4 events below. Students who enroll starting in August receive a $200 event credit to use on any of the 2 events below.
by Suzy Simpson

If You Give a Girl a Tutu

*Original Author Unknown* If you give a girl a tutu, she will want ballet shoes to go with it. You’ll buy her the best leotard you can find, and then she will
by 3-D Dance
Hot air balloons representing the places you can go in dance

Oh the Places You’ll Go… in the Wonderful World of Dance!

Before age 10, many dancers recognize that they love dance and will tell you they want to going to grow up to be “a dancer.” Between ages 12-14, many kids become aware that they may not grow up to be a professional dancer, but they do love dance and have a passion for it. It’s important to get these dancers into the mind set that they can turn their love of dance into a variety of future opportunities, and continue their dance training with a future goal in mind.
by 3-D Dance