We love dedicated dancers who use their time at home to increase strength and flexibility between dance classes. These are our favorite tools for stretching, strengthening, and recovery.

Stretcher Bands (or Therabands) are commonly used to help dancers increase strength and flexibility in their feet, ankles, and calves. We use these in our pointe and pre-pointe classes to gain and maintain the strength and flexibility needed for pointe work.

Yoga blocks are an awesome tool for dancers working on increasing flexibility in the splits. Align those shoulders and hips and use the yoga blocks to provide support under the hands. THIS helpful video will guide dancers in several ways to use yoga blocks to improve mobility.

We’re obsessed with these Bala Bangles adjustable wrist and ankle weights for adding just the right amount of resistance to an advanced dancer’s conditioning routine. Bala Bangles come in 1 pound and 2 pound options and there are many cute colors to choose from!

Don’t have the room to dedicate to an in-home dance space? Neither do we! This portable barre is great for small spaces and stores easily.

Carpet or tile floors can be difficult to gain the proper amount of traction. We love this portable dance floor for dedicated dancers to practice at home!

We recommend these large and small core strengthening balls for Dedicated Dancers to continue their Progressing Ballet Technique and floor barre exercises at home.

Proper recover is just as critical to a dancer’s body than strength and flexibility. We recommend this foam roller for releasing muscle soreness from large muscle groups and these firm Lacross balls for rolling out targeted areas and muscle knots.