You’ve heard us talk about our performing company teams here at 3-D Dance, but how do you know if joining the team is the right path for your child?

First, it’s important to remember that we believe that ALL of our students are valuable, no matter how many classes they take or if they are recreational or pre-professional dancers! The purpose of the 3-D Dance performing company is to expand the dancer’s world beyond weekly classes by offering a variety of experiences including performances, conventions, workshops, festivals and competitions.

While there are many benefits to participating in performing company, here are three major benefits:

1. Training infused with the benefits of performance experience.

Because they participate in additional classes, rehearsals, and performances at an intensive level, our performing company dancers are spending many hours focusing on their technique and skills. They  are also developing their identity as performing artists, establishing their commitment to their craft, growing in the areas of resilience and perseverance, practicing good sportsmanship, building teamwork skills, and cultivating meaningful relationships with peers who share the same passion.  Dancers learn how to cultivate a forward-thinking, positive mindset, which will benefit them for the entirety of their lives. 

2. A team working together to achieve goals greater than each individual dancer. 

Each performing company dancer is learning to contribute to a larger purpose, while also setting and achieving personal goals. Everyone on the team is expected to contribute their best effort in achieving personal and group goals. While winning is special, it doesn’t compare to the personal feeling of achievement that comes after a long road of hard work, determination and perseverance. 

3. Preparing a pathway to dance in high school, college and beyond.

The in-depth focus on dance that our performing company offers serves as a platform for our students to consider pursuing dance long-term. Dancers will be better equipped to pursue a performance career, study dance in college, or develop their teaching and choreography skills. Dance-related careers may pique their interest too, such as dance photography, dance journalism, physical therapy, fitness, and the medical industry. The performing company experience inspires our students to think about their future and provides pathway opportunities for the dancer to choose which future direction might be right for them.

We believe success at 3-D Dance is measured by each dancer’s personal growth, but if the performing company seems like a good fit for your dancer, we would love to provide them with that experience.  We invite you to email with any questions you have about our performing company!