We love performance days! These performance essentials will help everything go smoothly for your dancer on their big day. Click HERE to read “Recital: What’s the point in all of this?” and to learn why we love performance days so very much!

This rolling suitcase with pop up hanging rack is perfect for Dedicated Dancers with multiple dances in one show and for dance competition days! You’ll have your own portable station for staying organized on busy performance days.

The MicroStitch tagging gun is MAGIC for taking in dance costumes with just one pull of the trigger. Every dance mom needs this tagging in their performance essentials kit!

Not all costumes allow dancers to discreetly wear a regular bra. That’s why we love this discreet and versatile clear strap bra for performances.

How many times have you found yourself panicked and asking other dancers for a safety pin? C’mon, be honest! This safety pin multipack allows you to be prepared for any costume emergency.

Bobby pins! Enough said. Okay, we’ll say more. A performance day essestial for sure! We love that these come in a snap shut case. Be sure to buy the color that best matches your hair.

This is our favorite eye shadow pallet for the stage. It looks beautiful on every skin tone and is pigmented enough to be seen from the audience.

We reccommend red lipstick to really make that smile pop under the stage lights! For light to medium skin tones, we prefer “Red for Me.” For darker skin tones, we prefer “Ruby for Me.”

You’re never fully dressed without a smile… and some big blingy earrings! These are required for our performing company dancers. There is also a hypo-allergenic option for dancers who need nickel-free earrings.