Click HERE read about how we evaluate students for pointe shoe readiness!

Note: Dancers should NEVER purchase pointe shoes online. Dancers should be evaluated for pointe shoe readiness by their 3-D Dance ballet instructor and professionally fitted for each pair of pointe shoes. When a dancers finds the “perfect pair” of pointe shoes, chances are, by the time they need a new pair, their growing foot has changed and the dancer will require an entirely different shoe. We recommend professional pointe shoe fittings at Suffolk Dance Boutique.

We love this pointe shoe sewing kit for your next pair of new pointe shoes or a quick fix of your ribbons and elastic! This kit fits nicely in your dance bag and closes securely so you don’t have any accidental spills.

These toe spacers keep your toes comfortable in your pointe shoes and help increase your balance by providing even weight distribution in your metatarsals.

These toe sleeves are perfect for protecting your toes from blisters and calluses.

Pointe shoes will provide your foot maximum support for much longer when they’re kept dry! After each wearing, let your pointe shoes air out completely in these mesh bags.

Preparing for your pre-pointe written test? This book is your best investment! Learn everything you need to know about caring for your pointe shoes and your growing body before you earn your first pair of pointe shoes.

The Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet is the absolute best written documentation of ballet vocabulary that has been passed down through generations. We require all advanced ballet students to carry this manual in their dance bag.