Each semester, we look forward to seeing all of the hard work our staff and students have put into our Winter Showcase and Annual Recital stage!!  Our goal is to have the showcase be an enjoyable, exciting family event that teaches our students the importance of preparation, focus, teamwork and commitment.  We also work very hard in securing a venue that offers a convenient time and location. Since performance venues are extremely difficult to reserve, dance studios often must hold recitals on weeknights, in many cases in a location which conflicts with school and work, and also makes it difficult for family and friends to attend.  While weekend bookings do cost more than a Monday afternoon, for example, and require securing dates a year in advance, it is a priority that the recital also be convenient for our families.  

In addition to that, we are thrilled to contribute to the success of our local high school theater department and dance team, and continue to have a wonderful relationship with the fine arts program there.  Every dollar spent on the arts in our community will circulate an additional 8 to 9 times within our community – which means that the performance costs we invest in directly impact and benefit the fine arts in our 380 community.  

Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with our Winter Showcase and Annual Recital.  Costs are separated into two components – Performance Costs and Ticketing Costs:  

Performance Costs collected from each dancer cover the stage and backstage rental and all aspects of stage technology (lighting and sound tech as well as backstage tech., curtains, backdrops, etc.), along with professional programs.  Performance costs are collected on Oct. 15th for Winter Showcase and March 15th for the Annual Recital.

Ticketing Costs cover the “audience” portion of the show including the actual theater rental, common area rental, ushers, non-technical staff, and the ticketing reservation process.  Ticketing Costs are paid when seats are purchased online. Winter Showcase tickets go on sale October 15th and Annual Recital tickets go on sale April 15th.

A breakdown of each of these cost components is provided below: