Annually, since 2016, we survey hundreds of families with dancers who are active in our 3-D Dance program with an anonymous parent satisfaction survey. The results are quite interesting!

Respondents have the option to select as many choices as they believe were applicable to their child. 100% of parents highlight multiple benefits that their child received as a result of participation in 3-D Dance programs.

The TOP TEN benefits that parents have noticed in their child are:
1. My child has gained the confidence to try new things.
2. My child is learning solid dance technique and performance skills.
3. My child has increased physical development (stronger, more flexible and more coordinated).
4. My child has increased social development (child respects other people’s differences and has made friends he/she would not have otherwise made.)
5. My child is learning to receive and apply constructive feedback effectively. 
6. My child has increased character development (One parent commented that her child “is becoming a lovely young lady thanks to the expectations and example set by her teachers”)
7. My child is developing an increased hard worth ethic.
8. My child has increased creativity and innovative thinking.
9. My child has increased emotional development. (One parent commented that her child “has learned to take corrections well.” Another parent noted that her child “has really come out of her shell!”)
10. My child is learning the value of physical health.

……..And just for fun, we’ll throw in 3 more!
1. My child is learning to balance multiple priorities effectively.
2. My child is learning the value of goal setting and commitment to a goal.
3. My child has increased intellectual development. 

One parent commented, “My child has gained problem solving skills through her recital performance experience.”

98 percent said they were already re-enrolled for the following dance year or were planning to re-enroll for future classes.

98 percent said our program was a “good” or “excellent” financial value for the quality of program.

Here is the best part: (in our humble opinion)….
99% of parents said they were likely to recommend 3-D Dance to a friend or acquaintance!

Those are some amazing survey results! Our staff is humbled, honored and excited that so many children and families are receiving long-term benefits from participating in our programs.

Studies of all types consistently show that an education in the performing arts helps children grow across a broad spectrum of important developmental areas. Whether a student is a first-year recreational student or an experienced performer, parents agree, our programs at 3-D Dance benefit their child in a wide range of ways, and the benefits spill out of the dance classroom and into real life situations.