1. Core Values that align with your family values:

Every decision we make is made with one of these core values in mind: Family Matters, Safety Matters, Leadership Matters, Experience Matter, and Community Matters.

2. Risk-Free Enrollment:

Trial class payments will be applied toward tuition upon enrollment. New students will be charged for first month’s tuition (pro-rated if the enrollment is mid-month), and annual enrollment fee at the time of enrollment. If the class is not a good fit, alternative classes will be offered.  If a newly enrolled dancer is not interested in continuing in any class, a full 100% refund of both tuition and enrollment fee will be made,  provided that an email is sent to the studio within 24 hours of attending the first class.

3. Viewing windows and closed-circuit cameras in every classroom:

Parents may view their child’s class from the viewing windows in each classroom or from the CCTV monitor in the lobby. Occasionally, instructors will invite an “audience” into the classroom so that students can show off what they are learning and gain performance experience.

4. Easy and consistent dress code:

You can view our class attire requirements HERE.

5. Performance opportunities:

We believe that performance experience is one of the foundational pillars of a well-rounded dance education. Our students have the opportunity to participate in community performance opportunities throughout the year.

6. Clear and consistent communication:

We keep our website portal updated and accurate so that parents can always find answers there. We also communicate weekly via email, occasionally through text message reminders, and reminder signs throughout the studio.