We learned so much this semester and will continue to build on our skills in the month of December! Each month our dancers will focus on a Dance Concept and a Bloom Curriculum “I Statement”. Dance concepts are critical to dance education as they are the foundation for all dance. Our Bloom Curriculum intentionally teaches students to utilize a positive inner monologue through “I statements” for the purpose of assuming responsibility for his/her own growth as a person and internally grasping critical concepts. Below are the concepts we’re focusing on in December. 

 Our Bloom Curriculum “I statement” for this month is “I can dream big.” We know that our dancers have big dreams This month our Bloom Curriculum is “I am a good friend”. Dancers will be discussing how we can be a good friend to others in dance class, at school, and at home. We will be talking about how we can be kind to others and why it’s important through age appropriate activities and conversations. 

Our Dance Concept is ENERGY. Energy is the exploration of how to engage muscles to create different qualities of movement like sharp/sudden or smooth/sustained. Dancers will identify skills that require the different types of energy to help them understand the distinction between the aspects of movement.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is CARDIO. Cardio is used at the start of class to get heart rate up and body warm as well as build stamina. This is so important to get our bodies ready for class. Beginner level classes will be working on their frog and tuck jumps, while intermediate and advanced level classes will be refining their burpees and swimmers. Ask your acro star to show off these skills to you at home!

The week of December 13-18th will be Pajama Dress Up Week! Come to class in your jammies while we enjoy our last week of dance before the winter break.

Winter Break will be from December 19th – January 2nd. Classes will resume on Monday, January 3rd. 

January 3rd is Preschool Splash Day at The Cove! We invite our preschool aged dancers and families to join us for a morning of indoor waterpark fun. Use the link sent in your Wonderful Wednesday email to register.