This month we are continuing with our Bloom Curriculum concept,  “I am loved and valued”. In today’s world, children experience so much negativity which can lead to negative self-talk. We will be helping dancers create positive internal monologue language through age-appropriate conversation and activities. Helping your dancer know that they are loved and valued regardless of actions, behaviors, or choices is essential to creating a safe learning environment in which they can thrive.

Our technical dance concept of the month is RELATIONSHIP. Relationship is the exploration of the connection between two or more people or things. Dancers will explore the concepts of Over, Under, Around, Through, Above, Below, Beside, Between, Near, Far, In, Out, On, Off, Together, Apart, Alone, and Connected. Understanding where the body is in relationship to others helps teach spatial awareness, connection to others, and conveying a message through movement.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is FLEXIBILITY. Flexibility gives joints the ability to move freely through a range of motion which is necessary for our dancers to execute many different skills in our Acrobatic Arts classes. Beginning classes will be working on straddle stretch and forward bend, intermediate classes will be working on toes to head and forward bend, and advanced classes will be working on toes to head, shoulder stretch and forward bend.