This month is out last month focusing on the Bloom Curriculum concept of  “I am a good friend”. Dancers will be discussing how we can be a good friend to others in dance class, at school, and at home. We will be talking about how we can be kind to others and why it’s important through age appropriate activities and conversations.

Our dance concept of the month is Rhythm! Rhythm is the exploration of the pattern or flow of movement. Dancers will be learning how to count music and what it means to dance on beat or off beat. Understanding the beat of the music and how to dance with or counter to that beat is essential to being a successful dancer.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is LIMBERING. Limbering is flexibility and strength combined to fluidly move between upright and upside-down movement. Beginning Acrobatic Arts dancers will be focusing on preparation tendus and bridges. Intermediate and Advanced Acrobatic Arts dancers will be working on bridges and walkovers while maintaining proper technique.

*Feb. 14 – Feb. 19 is Valentine’s Dress Up Week! We will be celebrating all of our Love for Dance around Valentine’s Day by wearing our favorite Valentine’s colors to dance class! Be sure you can still dance in what you choose to wear.

*Feb. 15 is the last day to register for the annual Daddy Daughter Recital Dance. More info on how to register is located in the link below.

*Feb 22 is Tu-tu Tuesday! (2/22/22) Wear your favorite tutu to class that day to celebrate!

*Mar 26th we have an Encanto themed camp! Sign up for The Magic That is You Dance Party using the link below.

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