We are learning so much last month and will continue to build on our skills in the month of February! Each month our dancers will focus on a Technical Dance Concept and a Bloom Curriculum “I Statement”. Dance concepts are critical to dance education as they are the foundation for all dance. Our Bloom Curriculum intentionally teaches students to utilize a positive inner monologue through “I statements” for the purpose of assuming responsibility for his/her own growth as a person and internally grasping critical concepts. Below are the concepts we’re focusing on in February.

This month is out last month focusing on the Bloom Curriculum concept of  “I am a good friend”. Dancers will be discussing how we can be a good friend to others in dance class, at school, and at home. We will be talking about how we can be kind to others and why it’s important through age appropriate activities and conversations.

Brain Dance is an integral part of every class here at 3-D Dance. This month we are going to highlight the pattern of vestibular movement. The  vestibular system is vital for balance and processing spatial information. We practice going on and off balance, turning around, and finding our center to activate the vestibular system at the beginning of each class.

Our dance concept of the month is Rhythm. Rhythm is the exploration of the pattern or flow of movement. Dancers will be learning how to count music and what it means to dance on beat or off beat. Understanding the beat of the music and how to dance with or counter to that beat is essential to being a successful dancer.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is LIMBERING. Limbering is flexibility and strength combined to fluidly move between upright and upside-down movement. Beginning Acrobatic Arts dancers will be focusing on preparation tendus and bridges. Intermediate and Advanced Acrobatic Arts dancers will be working on bridges and walkovers while maintaining proper technique.