We are continuing our Bloom Curriculum I statement this month of  “I can make great choices”. Dancers will be focusing on I am not the choices that I make. We all make mistakes, and we want our dancers to learn that their identity does not depend on one choice.

Our Technical Dance curriculum concept  is LEVEL. Level is the exploration of the vertical space the body can occupy. We will be exploring High-Space from the shoulders to the ceiling, Middle-Space from the shoulders to the hips, and Low-Space from the hips to the floor. 

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is STRENGTH. Strength is the engagement and control of the muscles to execute movement. Many of our strength focuses are for the core. Here our dancers are engaging their core muscles while executing a plank.

We will be having Red Carpet Week July 19th-24th! We invite dancers to wear any old dance costumes (or any costume they choose) to class. 

Reminder that we will be bringing parents into classes July 12th-17th to show off skills and July 26th-31st for an end of summer performance!