Our brand new Bloom Curriculum concept is “I am loved and valued”. In today’s world, children experience so much negativity which can lead to negative self talk. We will be helping dancers create positive internal monologue language through age appropriate conversation and activities. Helping your dancer know that they are loved and valued regardless of actions, behaviors, or choices is essential to creating a safe learning environment in which they can thrive.

Our dance concept of the month is FOCUS. Focus is the exploration of where the dancer and/or audience is looking. Dancers will be learning about single focus, looking at a single object, body part, or direction, and multi-focus, looking at multiple objects, body parts, directions, and or space. Understanding how to utilize the head and gaze will help dancers convey the meaning of the movement as they grow.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is BALANCE. Balance is the ability to hold a specific pose for an extended amount of time with proper form and control. Our dancers will be focusing on double seated leg hold, scorpion, and age/level appropriate headstands or headstand preparation. See if you can spot their balance skills in class!