This month we have taken our “I do my best” Bloom Curriculum and applied it to performing! Dancers have been doing their very best in class so that they can be their very best onstage.

Our dance concept for May is Performance! This concept is especially important this month as Recital is just around the corner. Dancers will learn the importance of stage presence and the use of facial expressions. The element of Performance helps dancers to take their movement to the next level and really make the dance enjoyable to watch as well as allow the dancer to have more fun!

Sequins and glitter and bows – OH MY! “What is the point of all of this Recital fuss?” Recital is like the “graduation ceremony” of the year where the combination of weekly dance technique, focused performance skills and hard work is celebrated on the big stage. We intend for recital to be a special day for families and dancers to take pride in how far their child has grown, and create special memories that they will look back on fondly in future years.