This is our last month with our Bloom Curriculum concept,  “I am loved and valued”. In today’s world, children experience so much negativity which can lead to negative self talk. We will be helping dancers create positive internal monologue language through age appropriate conversation and activities. Helping your dancer know that they are loved and valued regardless of actions, behaviors, or choices is essential to creating a safe learning environment in which they can thrive.

Our technical dance concept of the month is PERFORMANCE. This concept is especially important this month as Spring Recital “Live Your Best Life” is just around the corner. Dancers will learn the importance of stage presence and the use of facial expressions. The element of Performance helps dancers to take their movement to the next level and really make the dance enjoyable to watch as well as allow the dancer to have more fun!

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is TUMBLING. Tumbling is power and strength combined to move the body through space upright and upside down. Beginning classes will be working on log roll and pre-cartwheel.  Intermediate classes will be focusing on cartwheels and straddle rolls. Advanced classes will be working on executing their handstand to forward rolls and chassé step hop cartwheel. 

🗓 May 15th-20th is Bloom Buck Week! Bring the bloom bucks your dancer has earned to class this week. We will have our Bloom Buck Shop open all week long, where they get to spend their bloom bucks on all kinds of special goodies and surprises!

🗓 May 21st “Blame it on the Boogie! Spring Recital is here! Be sure to purchase your tickets before the event!

🗓 May 22nd-June 4th the studio will be closed for end of school break! We will resume classes Monday, June 5th.