October was such a fun and busy month! We’re looking forward to continuing the fun in November and can’t wait for our Winter Showcase in December!

Each month our dancers will focus on a Dance Concept and a Bloom Curriculum “I Statement”. Dance concepts are critical to dance education as they are the foundation for all dance. Our Bloom Curriculum intentionally teaches students to utilize a positive inner monologue through “I statements” for the purpose of assuming responsibility for his/her own growth as a person and internally grasping critical concepts. Below are the concepts we’re focusing on in November.

This month is our final month to focus on “I do my best.” Dancers will be talking about how they can be their best not only in dance class but all the time! We will discuss working hard and how to be our very best selves through age appropriate activities and conversations.

Brain Dance is an integral part of every class here at 3-D Dance. This month we are going to highlight the pattern of upper and lower body. This pattern allows the body to practice grounding and articulates the body halves for mobility, stability, function, and expression.

Our Dance Concept is SPEED. Speed is the exploration of how much time each movement takes to complete. Dancers will be practicing skills and choreography at slow, medium, and fast speeds to help them understand how to utilize this dance concept. 

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is TUMBLING. Tumbling is power and strength combined to move the body through space upright and upside down. Beginning classes will be working on Rock & Roll and Hollow Pose.  Intermediate classes will build upon that and focus on Forward Roll and Rock & Roll to Standing. Advanced classes will be working on executing their Cartwheel and Back Roll with proper technique.