Our Bloom Curriculum is “I do my best.” Dancers will be talking about how they can be their best not only in dance class but all the time! We will discuss working hard and how to be our very best selves through age appropriate activities and conversations.

Our Dance Concept is DIRECTION. Dancers will learn how to move through the dance space forwards, backwards, to the right, and to the left. Exploration of direction is moving through space with different parts of the body leading the movement.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is BALANCE. Balance is the ability to hold a specific pose for an extended amount of time with proper form and control. Acrobatic Arts dancers will be working on skills such as Retiré, scorpion, double seated leg holds, and elbow stands.

We will be revealing our Recital 2022 theme the week of September 20th! Keep your eyes posted on our social media platforms for hints to see if you can guess what it will be. Then to celebrate our theme we will be having our themed dress up week the week of September 27th!

Mark your calendars for October 15th, as we are bringing back our Halloween Costume Carnival! Held at the studio from 4-7pm, we will have trunk-or-treats, games, raffle prizes, crafts, and more! Sign up using the link below if you’d like to host a trunk for the trunk-or-treat!