We learned so much in August and September and will continue to build on our skills in the month of October! Each month our dancers will focus on a Dance Concept and a Bloom Curriculum “I Statement”. Dance concepts are critical to dance education as they are the foundation for all dance. Our Bloom Curriculum intentionally teaches students to utilize a positive inner monologue through “I statements” for the purpose of assuming responsibility for his/her own growth as a person and internally grasping critical concepts. Below are the concepts we’re focusing on in October.

We are continuing our Bloom Curriculum I statement this month of  “I do my best.” Dancers will be talking about how they can be their best not only in dance class but all the time! We will discuss working hard and how to be our very best selves through age appropriate activities and conversations.

Brain Dance is an integral part of every class here at 3-D Dance. This month we are going to highlight the pattern of head-tail. This pattern establishes full use of the spine and affects the attitude of the body and mind. You will see us bend, twist, and wiggle our whole spine.

Our Dance Concept is PATHWAY. Pathway is exploration of different ways to move the body through general space from one point to another point. Dancers will be working on moving through space in straight, direct lines, curved circular or “s” shaped lines, and  Zig-zag sharp, angular lines.

Our Acrobatic Arts focus is FLEXIBILITY. Flexibility gives Joints the ability to move freely through a range of motion which is necessary for our dancers to execute many different skills in our Acrobatic Arts classes. Beginning classes will be working on butterfly and cobra pose, intermediate classes will be working on pre-splits, and advanced classes will be working on splits.