As the first YPAD Certified Dance Studio in Texas, 3-D Dance strives to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and accountability by implementing safe boundaries and healthy artistry within our dance studio culture.

3-D Dance is is proud to be the first YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) Certified Studio in the State of Texas, obtaining our certification in February 2018. Our entire staff participates in over 9 hours of annual Y.P.A.D. certification training where we dive into a variety of topics in order to help keep your child physically, emotionally and mentally safe in our care. Y.P.A.D. provides guidelines and resources that protect our young dancers as they pursue their passions. We are honored to embark on this partnership as one of the few Y.P.A.D. Certified dance studios in the country and the very first Y.P.A.D. Dance Studio in Texas!

At 3-D Dance, our values encourage our students to grow as individuals, not just as dancers, and we are therefore very conscientious about the messages our children are learning from the world around them.  As a Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD) certified studio, we follow the guidelines, standards and recommendations set forth by this important organization for the selection of music, attire/dress code, dance movement/choreography, social media/internet presence, the hiring of dance professionals, the emotional safety, physical safety and other safety concerns regarding our students.  

Being one of the few Y.P.A.D. Certified dance studios in the country also means that we stand out from other dance studios in some of the following ways:

1. We teach choreography that is free of sexual movement, use music that is not explicit or otherwise non-child-friendly, wear appropriate attire, and present an overall experience for you that reflect the values and standards of your family.

2. We conduct national background and reference checks on all dance professionals and staff who will be working with or around children in any capacity.

3. Our staff is CPR/First Aid certified. 

4. We screen the social media accounts of all dance professionals and staff who will be working with or around our students to see if their accounts meet Y.P.A.D. standards, suggestions and recommendations for social media use. We also enforce a strict social media policy with our staff, dancers and parents for the protection of our students and our staff.

5. We are committed to body positive language that is mindful of tone and content, and aims to not trigger body shame in any capacity. This includes avoiding negative comments about the body of any student or adult.

6. Our staff conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times and we refrain from using profanity or telling inappropriate stories or jokes, including sexually suggestive conversations or talking about drinking or drugs, or otherwise non-child-friendly topics. 

7. We work in an open environment where parents are welcome to view the inside of the classroom from viewing windows and closed circuit TV cameras, and are often invited into the classroom. Parents are encouraged to express concerns or ask questions and we strive to create a culture of open communication in our studio.
3-D Dance is proudly demonstrating just how important it is to have dance classrooms that are happy, healthy, and safe. No position, trophy, accolade or financial gain will take precedence over the protection and well-being of our students. You can feel confident that we have your child’s best interest and well-being in mind with every step we take, and that your child is loved and valued at 3-D Dance! 

Y.P.A.D. (Youth Protection Advocated in Dance)  is a organization dedicated to building empowered dance communities and keeping children happy, healthy and safe in all dance environments. You can learn more at or follow YPAD on instagram