A trial class is a great way to see if 3-D Dance is the best fit for your family. Your trial dance class cost is $10 and your trial dance class cost is credited back to you upon enrollment.

Please note, trial dance class availability is limited. Dance classes with the most availability are listed here. Contact us for additional availability in one of our 50 weekly dance classes for kids. Click HERE to read class descriptions.

Click HERE to read “19 Reasons Why Your Child Should Take a Dance Class.”

Acrobatic Arts Trial Classes

Ballet and Lyrical Trial Dance Classes

Hip Hop Trial Dance Classes

Jazz and Tap Trial Dance Classes

An intentionally designed dance classroom experience can help promote the growth of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive (brain) development in children. We integrate BrainDance concepts into our weekly curriculum which  facilitates critical brain pathways in the child’s brain (to learn more about brain dance concepts, click HERE.) 

Additionally, our proprietary Bloom Growth Mindset Curriculum integrates valuable life lessons such as demonstrating integrity, being a good friend, having a hard work ethic, and maintaining a positive attitude. The concepts are taught through “I statements” to help the students internalize the concepts and apply them to a wide range of life experiences. 

Ready to enroll? Enrolling online is easy! Go to www.3-ddance.com/enroll and follow the prompts for the classes or events you wish to enroll in.

Click HERE to read our Frequently Asked Questions! Call or text 469-202-4581 or email registration@3-ddance.com to reach out. We are looking forward to meeting your family!