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Dance classes for kids in Aubrey/Little Elm and Celina!

By enrolling your child in a class, at 3-D Dance, with YPAD certified professional dance educators, intentional age appropriate curriculum, neurological connection-focused curriculum and character development curriculum, your child will:

Have fun, develop social skills, and develop the ability to follow movement, build confidence in a classroom where expectations are age appropriate, build a foundation of correct posture, technique, balance, stamina, musicality and rhythm, develop meaningful relationships with instructors AND…

  • Develop critical advanced neurological brain connections
  • Develop internal values and character qualities.
  • Learn peer cooperation, empathy and teamwork.
  • Build a foundation for healthy self image & confidence.
  • Learn self-discipline, focus, and personal responsibility.
  • Develop the ability to accept and apply constructive feedback.
  • Learn self-discipline, commitment


We are one of the only Y.P.A.D (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) Certified
Studio, More Than Just Great Dancing Affiliated Dance Studio, and Acrobatic Arts Certified Dance Studios in Texas.

Our mission is to partner with parents to grow great kids through dance!

Happy Parents and Dancers

  • My family loves 3-D dance! My 4 year old is in her second season and my 7 year old is in his first. 3-D Dance provides them a safe environment where they can not only learn to dance but also learn about responsibility, listening, and being inclusive with others. The costumes and choreography is appropriate for their age levels and they are so excited, that they are constantly practicing on their own at home. You can really tell the staff and teachers at 3-D dance truly care about the students and families who go there. We’re excited to watch our children continue to grow at this great studio!!
    Kat, 3-D Dance mom since 2018 Kat, 3-D Dance mom since 2018
  • We have been part of the 3-D dance family since 2017. We absolutely love the staff and feel that our daughter is in a safe, encouraging, and positive environment. Our daughters dance skills have grown tremendously in just 2 years. Their staff even helped us set a goal plan that eventually led to my daughter joining their company team. 3-D dance is YPAD certified, they spend time during class teaching important values and they help build great performers!
    Bianca, 3-D Dance mom since 2017 Bianca, 3-D Dance mom since 2017
  • We have been part of the 3-D Dance family for almost 4 years. We have been to other studios in other cities over the years, hands down 3-D is the best. From the owners, to the dance teachers, to the office staff, I know that when I drop my kiddo off she is in great hands. 3-D Dance has developed a safe environment of choreography and costumes that any parent will be proud to have their child be involved with. They strive to teach our dancers strong values and how to be leaders. They lovingly encourage each dancer to be the very best inside as well as outside the studio.
    Bethany, 3-D Dance mom since 2015 Bethany, 3-D Dance mom since 2015
  • Our family loves this studio! Our daughter has danced in 2 other studios and this by far has been the BEST experience yet! I love how they advocate inclusiveness amongst the girls and for that my daughter has made lasting friendships! The staff is amazing and we are so happy to be a part of the 3-D family!!!
    Sierra, 3-D Dance mom since 2016 Sierra, 3-D Dance mom since 2016
  • I was slightly intimidated to start my daughter in dance, as I didn't want it to take away from our family time. They say that one of their core values is "Family Matters" and I can tell you that is true! We have been here for 3 years now and this dance studio adds value to our family and we are able to balance our daughter's time at dance with other family activities and priorities. The studio communicates well and plans everything well in advance, which I rely on to keep my family schedule running smoothly. I want my kids to be balanced and healthy and engaged, and I want them to just be kids. What they are learning at 3-D Dance promotes these values. My daughter has made many meaningful relationships and how work together with peers toward a common goal. My child is gaining a quality dance education that provides the balance that our family need between work and play. I can see that the older dancers at the studio are focused and disciplined, but I also know that they are living healthy balanced lives outside of the studio, because that is what this studio culture promotes.
    Megan, 3-D Dance mom since 2016 Megan, 3-D Dance mom since 2016
  • As a dad who didn't grow up around dance, I have been pleasantly surprised to realize that at 3-D Dance, my son and daughter are growing in many ways as well as are thoroughly enjoying their classes. My son loves both dance and baseball, and I am excited that his dance education is teaching him some incredible fundamental skills that will apply to whatever his passion ends up being. My son has learned the value of hard work and preparation and there has been tremendous focus on goal setting within his dance class. The 3-D Dance staff truly understands child development and how to infuse developmentally appropriate practices into their dance class curriculum.  I appreciate that the teachers share what they are teaching with the parents so that we can reinforce it at home. Even my 2.5 year old can recite her dance class goals of "Have Fun. Make Friends. Do my best."
    Pete, 3-D Dance dad since 2017 Pete, 3-D Dance dad since 2017
  • 3-D Dance is the most incredible dance studio. I have two daughters that have been a part of the 3-D Dance family for over 5 years. The instructors are patient, talented, and really care for the dancers. They are incredible at keeping me informed of all upcoming events and I never feel unaware of events happening. The organization is so nice and my husband an I appreciate it so much especially with our busy schedules. They are quick to answer any questions that my dancers or myself have.  We will never go anywhere else because I know that this studio and these amazing instructors want and know what is best for my dancers. 3-D Dance is more than a dance studio...My girls are in the best hands and I am forever grateful that we found this studio.
    Vanessa, 3-D Dance mom since 2013 Vanessa, 3-D Dance mom since 2013

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